Welcome to the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt website

Meeting three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from September to early March, the CVNNH is a celebrated pack of foxhounds which was formed in 1982 when the College Valley Hunt amalgamated with the North Northumberland Hunt.  We hunt within the laws of both England and Scotland across an area which stretches from Holy Island in the very North East of Northumberland, taking in the Cheviot Hills, up to the Bowmont Valley and Hownam in the Scottish Borders.

Our hunting country is diverse and rural, encompassing rolling grass and woodland in the low country as well as the fabulous white grass of the hills. We have excellent relationships with local farmers and businesses while we also endeavour to provide a focus for local community activities and fund raising.

We are particularly pleased to welcome newcomers to hunting who can come out with us for the first time by arrangement for no charge. Please contact the Hunt Secretary to find out more about this offer.

We welcome followers all through the season on horses, bikes, in cars or on foot, although we do ask that anyone new wishing to join us obtains permission from the Hunt Secretary in advance.  To find out more about hunting with us, simply contact the Hunt Secretary or fill in the enquiry form in the Contact Us section.


The Hunt came into existence in 1982, when The College Valley Hunt amalgamated with the North Northumberland. The Country hunted is in Northumberland and extends from the Kale Water in the north-west taking in the Cheviot Hills to the Harthope Burn and Glendale Valley and on to the coastal strip by Holy Island and then north to Berwick-Upon-Tweed and the Scottish Border.

The College Valley Hunt was founded in 1924 by Sir Alfred Goodson. These hounds soon established a tremendous reputation and were sought after the world over. Sir Alfred was a successful breeder of livestock, particularly Aberdeen Angus cattle and Cheviot sheep and he soon applied his breeding skills to foxhounds developing a wonderful cry with speed, accuracy and intelligence using mainly fell lines. More recently Martin Letts has bred the hounds for some forty years using similar principles but since the amalgamation of the North Northumberland Hunt an infusion of the modern studbook foxhound has been incorporated to enable the pack to operate successfully in the lowland country.

The North Northumberland Hounds were the property of the Joicey family of Ford & Etal and were run and managed as a private pack until the merger. The Hunt was formerly known as the Glendale and enjoyed a series of successful masterships until the outbreak of war in 1914 when the Hon Freddie Lambton then came forward at the age of 61 to keep the Hunt going as acting master, secretary and amateur huntsman. It was in 1920 when Lt Col the Hon H E Joicey DSO began his first mastership of the North Northumberland.

Presently there are 42½ couples of hounds kennelled at Langham Toll, Mindrum. The kennels were gifted to the Country by the Goodson family in memory of the late Sir Alfred Goodson. The hounds are looked after by the kennel huntsman, Andrew Proe, who has been employed by the hunt since 1984.